AIMP: The Best Music Player For Windows and Android

AIMP is an abbreviation for Atrem Izmaylov Media Player, named after the Russian developer who published it as freeware originally. Clearly inspired by Winamp, AIMP is more visually appealing and has more variety of “skins” to appeal to a variety of audiophiles. It was released in 2006 and is a completely free and safe program available for download. The FAQ is still only written in Russian, but a quick Google translate or YouTube search will answer almost any question you might have. 

AIMP serves to organize, edit, and collect music and other audio and video files. Over the years it has grown and improved to the point that it now has an amazing amount of features. Visually, the program allows you to organize your songs, see the cover art, adjust settings, and make playlists and albums. There are many options for finding music and sorting your own as well as searching for new music. AIMP allows for custom playback modes and will search for missing files as well. 

The newest version of AIMP is fully supported in Windows 11 and offers a new design as well. AIMP streams local music files, podcasts, and also music saved in the cloud. You can view a synthesizer and adjust settings there as well. AIMP also supports a tool to create and manage ringtones. There is a mobile version of AIMP as well. Integration with Android Auto, a night mode, bookmarking ability, gesture support, and a better graph-based equalizer have been added to the newest version as well. 

With overwhelming input from users, AIMP has been able to stay ahead of the trends and lead the way in media players. After listening to users, the feature OTG-drive support was added to allow users to play music directly from USB devices without downloading them to a local hard drive. This allows users to share music without risking the security of their files or using their system memory.  

While AIMP has been around for a long time, they are continually making updates to the product. They have not had any major virus or security risks and support more than 30 audio formats. Converting between audio formats is also possible with Winamp. Winamp also has some unexpected features, such as an alarm clock and auto shutdown for your computer. This is enjoyed by many users that listen to music as they sleep. The 18 band equalizer and built-in sound effects make AIMP a fun program to pass some time with music. Overall, AIMP is a solid choice and a great free program for all music lovers to use.