Microsoft OneNote: The Best Free Note Taking App

When you’re in a meeting and have to take notes, instead of scrambling around looking for notebooks to write down meeting minutes, isn’t it better to use the digital notebook on your device? Microsoft OneNote offers just that by giving you the feasibility to take notes, write crucial information, make to-do lists, and create digital memos without switching the medium. The app is accessible on a range of mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to store your valuable information and sync with other operating systems and devices. 

Microsoft OneNote is available across iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS as an add-on of the Microsoft 365 package. The software is available for free; however, you can get additional features like Math and Stickers with a paid Microsoft account. For the free version, you will get 5GB of space. There’s another version available for education that offers 1TB online storage. 

The clear, intuitive interface of the software enables you to create simple and complex notes from the get-go and organize them into searchable notebooks. It also includes a wide range of note-creation tools for embedding spreadsheets, drawing, scanning images, recording video and audio, and reviewing others’ edits. The design and drawing tools available in OneNote are top-notch! You can use your finger or stylus to draw directly on a touch-screen device, tag content for future reading, or include media in your notes.

OneNote has an organized hierarchy where you can create unique notebooks and categorize each one into section groups containing multiple sections. Each section can further be categorized into individual pages and a separate note can be created within every page. If you are a fan of the logical classification of notes, then you will admire OneNote’s structure! 

For browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, OneNote offers an add-on known as the OneNote Web Clipper that clips content on a web page simply through one click. Using this feature, you can clip the complete page, a section of it, or just an article you want to go through later. 

Even though it’s an extremely simple software, you might run into some unexpected problems while using it but don’t worry; the support team at Microsoft OneNote can help you get through it. You can find the solution to your problems at OneNote learning library and help. The platform consists of various tutorials, guides, and even comprehensive eBooks expanding on the extensive functionalities of the software. In addition, you can also seek help through the FAQ, troubleshooting, and video sections present on the website. 

For some reason, if you are incapable of finding your answers through these sources, Microsoft OneNote has a vigorous community where you can post your questions, even the technical ones. The website also has a live chat feature; however, the response time is slow through that platform. Therefore, you’d be better off with other support channels. 

All things considered, Microsoft OneNote is a reliable note-tabling software for personal and business purposes, and its user-friendliness further adds to its wide use.