How Wise Game Booster Can Help You Play Your Favorite Games Faster And Smoother

Compared to the other game boosters like MSI Afterburner, Wise isn’t a company that’s known for its products directed towards gamers. But they are indeed a known software company that provides people with various useful system cleaning tools. Wise Game Booster’s interface doesn’t look very new and “clean” like the other two that we mentioned, but it’s still easy to navigate. Its interface looks at least 10 years old and to younger users, this might make them avoid this product.

But besides the aesthetic problems which aren’t always decisive, this game booster software does a lot of useful work just like Razer Cortex and MSI Afterburner do. There are multiple tabs that you will notice when you open the Wise Gamer booster. 

Included tabs are My Games, System optimizer, Process optimizer, and service optimizer. My Games is a feature that Razer Cortex has, it helps you avoid cluttering your desktop and just pin all the games that you play in this tab. By default, a cluttered desktop will always slow down your computer so this feature indirectly makes your computer faster. System Optimizer is filled with various Windows-related options that are unnecessary when gaming, but that take up your memory and CPU. Along with some Network optimization, this tab is very useful, and you can also prevent Wise Game Booster from doing this if you want.

The biggest impact on your RAM and CPU is made by unnecessary processes that are running in the background. Processes can be useful programs that you are running, but they can also be random apps that you aren’t even using at the moment. So you can find a whole list of processes in this tab and you can manually terminate them, or you can just click the Optimize button that will do the work for you. Next to the name of the processes, there is a Memory Usage and CPU usage tab, this will help you when deciding which of these processes are crucial for termination. 

The last tab is the Service Optimizer. Services are “Rules” made by Windows that enable certain software to run. There are a lot of important services that are required for your PC to run properly, but there are also a lot of those that are unnecessary. The wise Game booster will have a recommendation next to each one of them whether you should keep them or terminate them. It’s up to you to decide whether you will terminate them, but keep in mind that terminating some of them will cause your PC or certain driver to crash. Overall, services don’t take nearly as much resources as processes do. 

Overall, Wise Game Booster lacks a lot of important features that Razer Cortex and MSI Afterburner have, but it is still useful when it comes to boosting your PC’s performance. Since all of these 3 programs that we mentioned are completely free, you can always try them all out and decide which one of them works the best for you.