McAfee Internet Security

In-Depth McAfee Internet Security Review

McAfee Internet Security is a superior, full-featured protection suite that safeguards you from identity theft, data loss and more. McAfee Internet Security offers a password manager, a home network security, award-winning anti-virus, “McAfee Shredder”, identity protection services, expert support, and optimization as well.

The “shredder” feature is unique and especially helpful. Users can select three levels of security when using the shredder. Basic overwrites the file twice before deletion, Safe overwrites the file five times before deletion, and Complete overwrites the file TEN times before deletion. This is an extra level of security for anyone worried about their personal information being stolen or hacked through deleted files.

Using a “quick scan” and the “vulnerability scanner” are also features that can ease the stress of constant computer maintenance. These scans are fast, and efficient when sorting through your entire hard drive and identifying potential threats. McAfee Internet Security’s firewall is customizable as well, users can decide which programs can access the web, which ports are used on the network, and select from four different levels of intensity for network protection.

It also allows users to “whitelist” specific programs to streamline the system even further. One newer feature is only available on Google Chrome currently, which is the Web Boost feature. It is a convenient feature but is still in its early development. The Web Advisor works on all Windows platforms and has a great record of blocking malicious and unsafe sites for users.

There is also an optional “Secure Search” mode that assigns color-coded safety ratings to your search results. There are a variety of plans to choose from ranging in coverage for a single device to up to ten devices. The additional offering of a secure VPN with auto-renewal is a perfect way to round out the services offered by McAfee. However, the VPN does keep logs and will not allow torrenting or the use of some popular streaming services.

McAfee Internet Security is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. McAfee also provides a 100% money-back guarantee against viruses. For users that are comfortable with auto-renewal, there is expanded monitoring of the dark web and a faster VPN available. McAfee provides real-time alerts and a visually appealing dashboard to help users stay on top of their family safety online. After installing McAfee Internet Security users can run the virus scan and safely quarantine/remove any suspicious or malicious files.

McAfee has been known to slow down computer speed while in use, especially if it is running a scan in the background. This isn’t a big deal for most users since the protection is so reliable. There are service experts available 24/7. The user interface and ease of understanding various prices is a real issue for McAfee Internet Security. It is bulky and difficult for users to see the clear differences in subscriptions without the help of a customer service support person. That said, the customer support is reportedly stellar and very helpful to users.